P2W is a co-operating with BJIS in the line of Sanitation and Sewage with one of the leading and most veteran companies in this field.

P2W is cooperating with BJIS in the most complexed projects of Water and Sanitation, global-wide.  With a reference of 45 years in successful engineering operation, the company’s goal is to preserve its know-how while responding to current market requirements, cooperating with P2W on parallel projects in complex projects of Water and Sanitation, global wide

BJIS and P2W employs some of the top, well known and respectable Engineering team, qualified and experienced in the various fields of civil engineering, water and sewerage works

BJIS and P2W manages and implements its current and forecast engineering works with a highly experienced and qualified team of employees


The firm’s fields of activity cover:

  • Water works, including water resources development;
  • Water supply and water treatment flood control and municipal drainage, and hydraulic (including hydro-electric) structures;
  • Municipal and industrial sewerage schemes, sewage treatment plants; reuse of treated effluent, waste disposal, and ecological and environmental studies;
  • Irrigation and drainage; land improvement, design of farms and the implementation of agricultural projects;
  • Town planning, housing estates, rural centers and industrial parks, and environmental impact studies.


The firm’s clients include various ministries and agencies of the Government; as well as:

  • Municipalities
  • Local councils
  • Development and investment companies and industrial enterprises.

BJIS and P2W operate in various countries, drawing on the integrated global experience of the firm’s personnel.

These international activities have included numerous projects in: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Iran, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Barbados, Guatemala and the Philippines.

The common principals and senior employees of BJIS and P2W have dedicated a considerable part of their professional careers to a variety of projects and hold various distinguished public and academic appointments.

In the last few years the both companies engaged in the developed a new field which is very popular in the industry today – Natural Gas transmission, conversion plant to use natural gas, and preparations for it.

BJIS and P2W obtained ISO 9001:2008 certifications for its quality management system on May 14th, 2000.