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    P2W’s Technologies is providing water treatment,wastewater treatment and process system solutions for large and medium infrastructures.

    Our technology helps customers reduce costs, meet environmental regulations and prepare for the evolving demands of their industry.




    Heavy Metals Removal

    Heavy Metals and Arsenic Removal: An Efficient Process to Remove Dissolved Metals through Coagulation.

    Slurry Treatment

    Extraction and Destruction of all Forms of Cyanide from the Slurry and treatment of the Water for Discharge or Reuse Purposes.

    Sulfate Reduction

    Reduction of Sulfate Levels without the Use of an HDS Process, Lime and Membranes.

    Drinking Water Treatment

    Treating water from any source available, all levels of salinity as well as a wide range of Contaminants at variable levels of concentration.

    P2W is a Proud Service Provider to the Mining Industry’s Biggest Companies